PHC is back? They were gone?
where the fuck is feta?
did ever find out they were captured?
is subreal alive?
who owned the motorola ARM blue prints?
what ever happened to that kid rave?
is unl0ck still owned?
did hairball die?
is johnny haxor NSA?
is everyone still h0n0?
where is n0tm3?
did darpa merge with digitalsec?
what happened to global hell?
did rosiello ever notice all the backdoor'd software?
did kevin ever notice /corporate?
did ever figure out they were sniffed?
did ov3r stop coding?
did frsirt hire a consultant team?
what the hell is this defcon garbage?
did debian ever fix the ruby apt-source backdoor?
did ubuntu ever fix the UBU-sshd sniffer?
did gay hitler turn str8?
do people still go to cons?
who stole kevins laptop?
did anyone ever figure out that zlib = sshd exploit?
what happened to #!phrack?
what the hell is #!blackhats?
where the fuck is boiler?
where is gobbles vegas cigar?
is november going to return?
where is gomma?
did camel eat him?
who stole mirror's simcard?
why wont my fate ultra 9.0 scroller for AOL work in solaris?
why was THE on kire?
why are we on kire?
who killed ir8?
why is PHC using GMAIL?
why is GMAIL still around?
is robert erdely sniffing us?
did blackberry figure out they were owned?
who removed the tucows backdoor?
did capt-n-crunch sell those trojaned crunchboxes?
did blacklisted magazine ever figure out the zine-mod?
did ever find the apatch?
did anyone ever find the SILC fault?
what ever happened to g0tfault?
did j0hnny from that google ever notice his speach mod?
did asquad figure out /test?
napsters fucking pissed.

.. gone for 2 months and the whole scene takes a shit on itself.